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Download and Install

OK, you're warned when you use this. JVPC is still beta. Though PLANETS.EXE runs fine on the data produced by JVPC, VPUTIL doesn't! What counts in the end is that both THost and PHost accept TRN's from JVPC.


If you simply wish to run JVPC, here is a jarfile (post 0.95) with precompiled classfiles (323kB). With this file you can run JVPC or run VPCheck immediately. It also contains the stand-alone blitz client. This page explains how to get JVPC running on a 'normal unix' system, which is more or less valid on windows systems. For a more thorough install guide for windows on a PDA, check this guide by Michael Hodgins.
If you really want the most recent version of JVPC, get the java files from cvs:
$ mkdir JVPC; cd JVPC
$ cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.jvpc.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/jvpc login 
$ cvs -z8 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.jvpc.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/jvpc co .

The last release is also available as sources in a zipfile (2 Jun 2004, 294kB, please use CVS).
Note: You will have to compile these java files into bytecode files before you can run JVPC. See below.


So you just downloaded from cvs or took the zipfile. The content should be at least:
$ ls -F

Java Development Kit

You will need a jdk to compile Java files. Get for example the jdk from Sun, Kaffe from transvirtual. Install either or any other jdk, then continue with this installation.

Configuring for JVPC

Run configure to set the class directory (where all classfiles need to go to) and java compiler, like this:
$ ./configure --classdir=CLASSDIR --javac=JAVAC
where the defaults are $HOME/Program/Java/lib and jikes, respectively.

Now, export the classpath, such that it contains CLASSDIR as well:

$ setenv CLASSPATH CLASSDIR:/path/to/jdk/classes.zip
$ export CLASSPATH=CLASSDIR:/path/to/kaffe/Klasses.jar
or something like that. Put it in your startup files (like .bashrc). For jikes, there is of course JIKESPATH to use.

(Typically, `configure` could strip the local CLASSDIR from CLASSPATH (or JIKESPATH), if it is in there; could be tricky, but all sysop installations are in /opt or /usr, so distinction can be made (unless kaffe is installed locally by/for a user or so). Is there a default local-to-the-user CLASSDIR?)


Now, compile the Java files, by simply typing:
$ make
(or `gmake`) It will compile and auto-install the classfiles.

Note that we use

$ jikes -source 1.1 -nowarn -d /home/kero/Program/Java/lib *.java
by default, since we invented assert before it was made a *** keyword by Sun.

No errors? Good. You can now run JVPC or run VPCheck.
Errors? Try to find out what went wrong, then mail me.

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